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TINSAHW Compact Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine, Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance,360 °Flexible Rotation Home Hydraulic Rowing Machine Abdominal Exerciser
  • Basic Fitness - Change your workout routine with full body workouts to deliver lasting, healthy results. Our rowing machine with cooling fan is the perfect companion for cardiovascular training or muscle development.
  • Comfort and smoothness - Built with aluminum track and ball bearing rollers under the padded saddle, you can train and shape your body for a comfortable, smooth sliding home workout experience.
  • Track your progress - Use the built-in display to check and monitor your progress, which shows the calories burned, total count, scan, distance and time. With quality in home fitness equipment, you can finally take your fitness goals to the next level.
  • Easy to store - For small homes with limited space, our portable and flexible air resistance rowing machines can be easily folded and stored or moved to different rooms using the included transport wheels.
  • Rugged steel frame - The sturdy and sturdy steel structure is strong enough. It has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance and can be used for a long time. Designed for small spaces; easy to carry and store to save your home space.
TINSAHW Compact Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine,Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine Rower, LCD Digital Monitor, Comfortable Smooth Running Seat, Muscle Strength Exercise,200 LB Weight Capacity
  • EXERCISE BACK MUSCLES:When rowing, every flexion and extension of the arm can make about 90% of the extensor muscles exercise, so it is really beneficial to the extensor muscle that usually does not participate in any exercise. At the same time, it also has obvious effects on exercising the back muscles.
  • NATURAL MOVEMENT:It simulates the natural movement of rowing, is suitable for gymnastics and family sports, and exercises muscle tissue in the hands, legs and other areas, especially suitable for white-collar workers who are sitting in front of the computer for a long time. Rowing machine to exercise the whole body muscle parts
  • PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH:The maximum exercise test under different fitness equipment, the rowing machine can achieve higher energy consumption with lower heart rate, higher oxygen uptake and higher body energy, and can promote physical fitness, and can use the muscles of the whole body to achieve body sculpting. effect. This sport is one of the world's most popular fitness equipment, welcome to join the world of boating!
  • ADJUSTABLE STRENGTH:If the purpose of exercise is to reduce weight, the strength of the handle should be adjusted to medium and low intensity, each rowing time is not less than 30 minutes, and the middle is slightly rested; if the strength is adjusted to medium intensity, muscle strength can be exercised.
  • SERVICE POLICY:We will take care of every customers problem. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours.
TINSAHW Magnetic Rowing Machine Foldable Exercise Rower, Rower with LCD Display And Indoor Mute, Exercise Cardio Fitness Equipment for Home Use
  • Rugged construction:Steel rails with high quality surfaces and seats with ball bearings ensure safe, stable and quiet operation. The rowing machine is installed in a small movement and does not cause unpleasant noise.
  • 12 levels of training to meet different needs:Pre-installed 12 different levels of difficulty, can adjust the resistance. Can adapt to the needs of different physiques and different stages.
  • Multi-function screen:There is a screen that can display the movement time, the total number of times, the word movement, the number of movements per minute, and the calorie consumption.
  • Convenient storage and space saving:Easy to store - Space-saving design, easy and quick folding, folding size 100*49*45cm.
  • Service Policy:We will take care of every customers problem. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours.
TINSAHW Machine Compact Indoor Rower ,Adjustable Rowing Machine with HD Data Dial, Crank Can Be Folded Down to Save Space, Suitable for Home Gym
  • MOBILE SIT PAD:The high-quality steel is used as the center slide. The inner layer is sand-blasted and oxidized to prevent corrosion and rust. The outer layer is painted with high-quality paint and the slide is smooth.
  • HYDRAULIC ROD RESISTANCE ADJUSTMENT:It adopts symmetrical resistance adjustment method, and adjusts the resistance through the action of the moment between the stroke rod and the hydraulic rod.
  • MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SLIDING:The multi-dimensional docking design of the crank and the bracket realizes the "boat paddle" sliding at any angle up, down, left and right, and simulates boating in all directions.
  • HD DATA DIAL:High-definition sports data display makes your exercise justified, test time, distance, calories, etc. to take you to enjoy scientific exercise.
  • SERVICE POLICY:We will take care of every customers problem. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours.
TINSAHW Multifunctional sports and fitness equipment domestic 12 gear hydraulic rowing machine
  • With a concave handle design, the four positions can be switched freely, making it more flexible and comfortable.
  • 1-12 gear resistance adjustment design, can adjust fitness level according to training intensity, hydraulic resistance rod, 500,000 high strength test, long service life.
  • Adjustable seat cushion for fixing and sliding, and adjusting training posture.
  • Electronic watch function: record the number of movements, calorie consumption, etc,Weight: about 21 KG.
  • Multi-function rowing machine, can be rowed, can be used as a sit-up trainer to practice abdominal exercise.
TINSAHW Home Rowing Machine Adjustable Resistance LCD Monitor Fitness Full-Body Workout Water Rowing Home
  • Use this water rowing machine for an effective aerobic workout or incorporate it in your high-intensity interval training in the comforts of your home.
  • PU seat on rollers that glide smoothly. -Large adjustable textured pedals with adjustable safety straps fit a wide range of foot sizes and make your feet remain in place throughout your rowing routine.
  • The resistance of the Rowing Machine can be adjusted by how much water is in the tank.
  • Type: Water Rower Machine -Colour: Black -Power Source: Self-Generated,Overall Dimensions: 93-3/4"(L) x 21-3/4(W) x 19-3/4"(H).
  • Large LCD monitor tracks your count Time, Distance, Calories and Total.
TINSAHW Rowing Machine Fitness Equipment Rowing Machine Home Silent Hydraulic Multi-Function Scull Rowing Exercise Waist Back
  • Indoor rowing is an effective whole body, low impact training.
  • Flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing.
  • Nickel-plated chain with adjustable foot pedals and ergonomic handles.
  • Can be easily divided into two pieces for storage. The casters make it moveable,135*155*30cm.
  • Includes Performance Monitor 5, which gives you accurate, comparable data for each row. Adjustable monitor arm.
TINSAHW Rowing Machine Multi-Function Home Abdominal Rowing Machine Indoor Fitness Training Equipment Paddle Training Machine (Silver)
  • Club style, speed proportionate air resistance chain drive rower with canted, wide reach row bar.
  • Contoured polyurethan anatomically designed seat with bearing mounted upper and lower seat guide rollers.
  • Three-screen, six-function exercise monitor.
  • Maximum user weight is 150kg.Gross weight:41kg.
  • Pivoting, oversize PVC footplates with two-position mount and adjustable velcro style footstraps.
TINSAHW Electric Unicycle Somatosensory Balance Car,Silicone Scratch Protector Cover Case for Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter (Color : Black)
  • ★60V 24AH Lithium Battery:The power type battery,5-6 hours can be fully charged,and could drive 90km in economic model when test.and have USB Charging for phone.
  • ★Shock Absorption:11 inch off-road domineering CST tire,which can conquer the mountain hills,ride at the city road is also very comfortable.
  • ★the two shock-absorbing support shops,which exerts the maximum cushioning effect of shock absorption.
  • ★Safe Brake System:CNC integrated electric control oil brake,ou can easily avoid unexpected events and quickly control the speed of the car.
  • ★Foldable and Portable:it can be taken in and out of the elevator. It is also very easy to get up and down the stairs. Or put it in the trunk of the car. Suitable for men/women Working commute and downtown travel.
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